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Too many Draenei and soda pop shoulders. Zaanthe, Saashenka, and Mosur exhibiting their wonderful friendship in a nutshell.
Zaanthe and Mosur belong to their amazing players, and Saashenka is my little thing.

Look at those nerds


Too many Draenei and soda pop shoulders. Zaanthe, Saashenka, and Mosur exhibiting their wonderful friendship in a nutshell.

Zaanthe and Mosur belong to their amazing players, and Saashenka is my little thing.

Look at those nerds

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Stream freebie

It’s thecrippledmuse's Saashenka! Sweet blind baby.


Stream freebie

It’s thecrippledmuse's Saashenka! Sweet blind baby.

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My general “What If” for your characters this week:

What if they lost some or all of their hearing?

For the purpose of this exercise, you may choose between total deafness or complete deafness in one ear and severe to profound impairment in the other. Which ear is which is up to you. You may, if your character has access to such things, consider that the draenei probably do know how to make hearing aids. Keep in mind, however, that hearing aids do not restore completely normal hearing.

(I’m curious to see what people come up with because I’m 100% deaf in my left ear and profoundly impaired in my right. So far, though, I haven’t given that flaw to any of my characters).

Unsure honestly, It’s hard to fathom what that’s like so I find it more difficult to answer. Would i present as a ringing like tinnitus, would it just be silent, or muffled? I believe if things remained as they have been for him the past few years he would hardly notice i spending most of his time alone anyway. Though as I try and push him back into society that would likely change. He does like quiet, but he would surely miss somethings, mostly singing, though he doesn’t hear it often now. He’s already pretty much useless at everything, it would just be another thing to work around. He might be a little too apathetic to care until something related did become important to him.

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Micky Neilson got the Blizzard Bump up to ‘Lead Writer’ now, from ‘Lead Story Developer’.

He wrote Unbroken.





and one more thiiiing!

astrall-cooties and me have been talkin’ about pudgy Eeon for a bit and, well. I AM SO IN.

hes probably flipping off some bodyshaming idiots or something idk


Voting Eeon king of hot bara drae men, all in favor say YESPLZ.

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…your character lost the use of his or her most vital limb? How would that change his/her life?

The loss of Hadeon’s left arm would probably begin the count-down timer to final death in his mind. He would refuse to seek replacement in the way that undead typically do, finding mutilation of some other corpse completely abhorrent. Even a mechanical limb wouldn’t quite give him back - he thinks - the necessary dexterity to continue his smith work. Without smithing and feeling unable to adequately protect his ward with only one arm, Hadeon would throw everything he is into his personal mission, likely separate himself from the Shadows, and seek his death once he completed his remaining duties.

We’re already going to have it out over that arm Sir, don’t try making this any worse than it’s already going to be.








ok but consider this:

  • creepy draenei
  • draenei with goat eyes
  • draenei with long, whip-like tails that are completely covered in plating
  • draenei with long, sharp teeth and wide mouths that display all of them when they smile or laugh
  • draenei being mostly carnivorous and…

Further Addition: 

Draenei being hypochondriacs/health nuts because disease/illness is one of the only things that can kill them.

Draenei finding even the most simple or mundane of Azerothian foods incredibly fascinating and exotic.B

Draenei being INCREDIBLY physical people; having very little (if any) bodily shame, being extremely expressive/”talking with their hands”, being very “touchy-feely” in personal interactions and having very little concept of personal space.

Draenei appropriating bit of other cultures they find fascinating; no matter how unusual/nonsensical/offensive this may be to the culture involved (although if this is pointed out to the Draenei they’re incredibly confused and apologetic.)

Draenei becoming incredibly; almost obsessively; attached to their professions/hobbies; IE: if they discover a new technique/pattern/concept they practice it until they absolutely master it; even if it takes years/decades.

As an addendum to the above: Draenei suffering from “hyperfocus” incredibly easily; to the point where they can become obsessed with the minutia of a seemingly random thing/topic to a degree that other races would find frightening.




Most of this is part of my headcanon anyway. And here’s a few other things:

I think Draenei, since they have been forced into a mostly nomadic lifestyle in all their centuries of running from the Legion, don’t place a great deal of importance on “things,” especially big, clunky, hard-to-move things. Wealth must be portable; ideally, it must be wearable, hence their racial aptitude with jewelcraft. I imagine they place a great deal of importance and value on clothing, also, and consequently would tend towards ornate and beautiful outfits if they had the means to afford them. I figure they’d also go so far as to even weave precious metals and stones into outfits to further enhance their beauty and value, in accordance with all of the above.

I think Draenei would have no concept of certain things that other races place a great deal of importance or stigma on, such as gender roles, nobility, and bastardy. They seem, in the game at least, to tend towards meritocracy and practical-mindedness when it comes to who runs things and who is doing what job. They don’t seem to have a social hierarchy or caste system like humans and blood elves do. It seems to me, also, that the idea of bastardy would be -completely- foreign to them, especially in light of how important it is to them to procreate. A child is a child, and it must be cared for regardless of how it came into existence. I do not imagine any stigma at all towards children born out of a formal pairing. And, on that note…

Draenei, in my mind, are fairly open-minded when it comes to love and sex. I don’t imagine them having tons of hang-ups, and I don’t think they treat it as being particularly taboo. I don’t think sex is a big deal for Draenei; it’s part of life, and it happens. I don’t think Draenei place as much importance on matrimony as most other races do; they live for many thousands of years, and that’s a very long time to put up with one person, even if you love them dearly. It’s pretty clear that they tend towards monogamy and the idea of committed relationships, at least for the purpose of having families, but I think they, long-lived as they are, also would be mindful of the fact that people change and grow apart. For this reason, I can see separation/divorce as being fairly common and not thought of as necessarily a bad thing or even particularly a big deal that’s worth raising a fuss over.


I like Mae’s take.

I’ve often had it in Lena’s head that she gets pissy about the younger races (namely, human (sorry, Kim!)) having such hangups about lineage and nobility and title and rank.  They seem to completely discount draenei experience and expertise - in battle, in magic, in faith, and in life in general. 

In Lena’s world, experience talks, and bullshit walks.

“Bitch, I’ve got about 30,000 years on you.  Do not EVEN.”

As far as Mae’s take on relationships, that’s the one “Mary Sue-ish” “anomaly” I allow Lena:  Krastos. 

They met on a planet not long after the original exodus, so they’ve been together for about 20,000 years.  I agree, in Mae’s headcanoning, that such long term relationships are probably not the norm. 

But these two are crazy about each other.  Completely, head over heels, can-hardly-make-it-to-the-bed, in love with and still wanting each other.  For all the ridiculous thing the draenei have been through, Lena adores the fact that she can still rely on her mate to be her mate, however time and planets change them.

And as far as children are concerned, we see this reflected in the way that Haevah has become a ward of Maeorra and Lena/Kras - and tbh, Shadows of Argus at large.  Haevah will finish her childhood/adolescent in a likely very strange and full of oddballs environment, but one that is nonetheless loving and caring and supportive. 



I agree with most all of this. I would like to dispute the sex and relationship part to a degree, there are several long lived animals that mate for life so I don’t think long life has anything to do with being faithful. I think its up to the pair and their personalities, some people are just meant for one another. Though it is completely possible to ‘grow bored’ and move on, its up to the individuals how much work they want to put into the relationship.


Here we are! My sweet though finicky priest Davir. Triumvir of the Vault of Lights in the Triumvirate of O’ros- … Basically he nags the anchorites in our guild. He’s come far from being a bard in the Fablewind Faire.


Here we are! My sweet though finicky priest Davir. Triumvir of the Vault of Lights in the Triumvirate of O’ros- … Basically he nags the anchorites in our guild. He’s come far from being a bard in the Fablewind Faire.

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Look at his motherfucking smile.

I like my pencil work.

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… your character was suddenly turned undead? If your character is undead already, what if they were suddenly and miraculously brought back to life?

A lot my my responses to these depend on a lot of specifics. Depending on the clarification of outcomes caused by past actions he would not want to be raised as an undead. I don’t think there is anyway for him to find out about these outcomes however unless he were to die.

It also depends on how and why he died, if he had actually made peace and was ready to go or if it was a ‘mistake’. That doesn’t mean to say dying in battle would be a mistake. Either way he would either be unnerved, but content for the time, or extremely angry that he wasn’t left to rest.

Without saying too much he might still be a little miffed if he was raised due to a conversation he had in the past, but all in all he would get over it in time. I doubt he’d seek his own death at least for some years and even then he might not. It would kind of be an excuse to try a new profession too.

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when McGonagall finds out that Ginny is pregnant, and that the Weasley and Potter bloodlines will converge, she marks on her calender the day the child will turn 11 and that is the day she retires 

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…your character lost the use of his or her most vital limb? How would that change his/her life?

I assume his most vital limp is his right arm as he is right handed. I think it slightly depends on how the use is lost, I had originally assumed it just stopped working, that is to say paralyzed right arm though I suppose amputation in one for or another is also a possible reason for one to lose use of their limb.

I can’t say it would affect his healing abilities much, his speed and exeterity of such yes, but not his actual abilities. What it would affect most would be his Jewelcrafting. That would probably annoy him the most, undoubtedly to the point of small bouts of throwing things at least if he were alone or in the company of good friends.

He wouldn’t seek a replacement on his own, probably wouldn’t think about it. He’d honestly jsut take it as “one more punishment.” To combat the lost limb due to his left not being in the best shape as things are he would probably slowly become more dexterous with his tentacles, at least in terms of jewelcrafting. (Because I’m of the opinion that males have prehensile tentacles, while the females have prehensile tails) It would take a lot of work to get as good as he was with both of his hands, but I think it’s something eh would stick with until he got better at it.

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Too early in the morning problems: Can’t eat because stomach is upset. Stomach upset because it wants food.

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never trust anyone who insists a character can’t be asexual