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mewkeere said: What-if: Rook and Reithie in a Modern Human AU


Reithie would be of both Maori and Indian descent, her father would still be an architect, designing homes and small buildings. Her mother would have been a stay at home mom, who also volunteered at the local community center, helping kids and adults and teaching crafts and scrapbooking.

Reithie herself, would be attending University, studying something along the lines of biology and natural medicine. She doesn’t know how to drive yet, and always takes her mountain bike to school. She also works part time some pet store at a mall, just to make some extra dough. Reithie, would have a style that was ‘soft punk’ meets ‘indie’ meets, ‘boho’ kind of look, though loves to listen to awful pop music, she loves sci-fi books and fantasy alike, she isn’t that organized (her apartment is a mess) but considers it and organized chaos. She also has a bearded lizard she calls Tyrian.

I don’t know what Rook would look like, since that would be up to you, but I can see him being a student psychology. I can also see him being clean cut with nice long blonde hair, he’d wear nice suits and clothes, he’s seem well off and he probably is, but he doesn’t really ‘show’ it. He’d be well organized, a definity stark comparison to Reithie. While he’d probably be good looking, he’d get a reputation of being that creepy person around campus that has a few ‘acquaintances’ but no real friends.

People also, always, mistake him for another student. 

But I can see it play out the same way that they met originally, at a bar one night, after Reithie got in a confrontation with the bartender over something. They would scheme together to do something that would piss of the bartender and that would be the last that they would see each other for a while. Later on in the year, Rook would approach Rethie about doing a project together for his final thesis, and with a little coercing on Rook’s part, Reithie would agree if only she gets credit too. 

They would start to work together, and grow closer, Rook would slowly start to trust Reithie, opening up to her a little more as the years progress. There would be a milestone moment where Rook would ‘suggest’ (even though he would have slowly done so anyways.) to move in together. When asked why not his place, he would say it brought up bad memories, and that would be the end of that.

Friends would see them hanging around campus, and ask if they are a couple, and Reithie would have to reply no, or maybe, because even she doesn’t herself know. Which, at times, frustrates even her but she learns not to push him on he subject, when he is ready he will let her know, whenever it maybe.

He would nitpick about her mess, she would retort that he needs to loosen up a bit. He would constantly try to get into her head (and succeed), she would put Tyrian on his face while he is sleeping. They would spend mornings at the coffee table, where Reithie would tell him stories from her childhood, and it would all be about building trust until Rook was comfortable with her.

Hah! Fantastic, I was struggling with what, but that seems to be perfect Psychology, maybe a little Philosophy. Super neat freak, how does he put up with her? Doesn’t have many friends and the few acquaintances he does have are questionable at best. One guy, Nesuros, dishonorably discharged from the nearby military academy for reckless endangerment and violent outbursts. The guy still likes to strong arm folks. Reithie hates that they’re any kind of acquaintances, she’s sure it going to back lash some how.

He has his own tailor, how else is he going to keep up such a clean cut appearance? And though it often doesn’t with his choice of suit cut he has a decent physique due to an evening work out he often does, but is for some reason secretive about.

He also takes a strange interest in her biology classes, more particularly her labs. Where he gets all the time to be such a bother is a bit of a mystery. He has duties he’s beholden to to the head of the Philosophy department, a professor he made friends with when he was an undergrad so he disappears at times to do what he calls ‘menial labor,’ despite the perks it seems to give he despises it for the time it takes up.

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Commission for brokenonemg! 




Commission for brokenonemg


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look at these cutiesjust have to make the background now ~


look at these cuties
just have to make the background now ~

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Time to eat.
Time to eat.
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mewkeere said: What-if Wednesday: Your character or mine, dressing/undressing the other.


Hadeon came back to reality like one of those gnomish sirens - off one moment and on and screaming in the next. As his body went rigid with the return of consciousness, he felt a hand slap down at the top of his sternum to hold him down. Everything hurt. He wasn’t supposed to hurt. He didn’t have functional nerves for hurting. What the hell was… Oh. He’d visited the Sisters for confessional two days ago. He did have functional nerves for a few more days.

"Keep holdin’ him down, Zee." Words. Familiar voice. "I need to get his pants off still." Mosur? Why the hell was Mosur talking about pants? "His legs definitely aren’t supposed to bend that way." Oh. That might explain some of the excruciating pain.

Lichfire blue eyes snapped open, trying desperately to focus on the face of his Ebon brother above him. He was definitely being held down. “Ow?” he croaked, trying to put several sentences’ worth of existential questioning in the word.

Somehow, Zrimgor got it. “Remember that warehouse we went to for picking up a shipment?” The Ebon’s suit jacket was in tatters over his shoulders. “Orc booby-trapped the door, rigged it to blow with a couple pounds of seaforium. You were point on this one. Damn it, brother, you nearly died to a face-full of door.

Bone grated against shattered bone as the healer cut his pants away from his broken and shrapnel-filled leg. He had just enough time to consider how much he really was not fond of having Mosur take off his pants before the lights went back out.

I knew you would come up with something fantastic.

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No one had given her a present like this before.


She ran a thumb against the horn handle, the glinting ruby, and her lips turned up into a smile.


It was not that she had never been given presents.  Men, she had noticed, had a tendency to give away pretty, useless things - rings and necklaces and other jewels that the woman was supposed to wear so that the giver could feel like it was a subtle badge of ownership.  She was not pretty, nor was she useless and that sort of gift was best exchanged for whiskey and a few nights out of the rain.


Grolmok gave excellent gifts, though they tended towards the practical: cloaks, food, weapons, battle trophies.  He’d once given her a dragon skull that made a really excellent fruit bowl (though he had said something about it being for a helmet).  However “pretty” had never factored into his calculations: pretty didn’t keep you safe from enemies, pretty didn’t let you stab a traitor in the gut, and with the red cliffs of Durotar to look at - what need was there for pretty baubles anyway?


But this…this was lovely.  And very, very sharp.


The imp turned back to the death knight seated at the desk.  He was unbound, but held fast more surely than if he’d been in chains.  His hands were spread, palms flat against the wood, and every inch of him trembled as he tried to pull away.  “Now, where were we, Tower?” she asked, “That’s right: we were discussing the importance of courtesy.”

She smiled.  Her present gleamed.

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kirahti said: Hadeon's opinion of the other members of the Cabal?


The smith folds his book over his finger to hold his place while he considers the question. “A liar, an asshole, a monster, and a lunatic,” he says flatly.

Then a broad grin breaks across his face. “My kind of people, really. Nothing can replace the friends I have laid to rest - but damn if these men do not come close.”

He opens the book again, burying his nose in it as he mutters, “And a better challenge of wits I have not had in years.”


And finished. T’saij the Stormcrow, not nearly as serious as he looks like but still, my pirate captain.

Thank you everyone who came to watch my stream. <333

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Commission of the lovely Buran for buran
my commissions are still open!

Buran art!



Commission of the lovely Buran for buran

my commissions are still open!

Buran art!

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Gold and grey eyes opened in the dark of the Shadow Vault. A tug, a pull, a ‘come’. Something had kept him here, here in Icecrown, something he was bound to even after the Lich King’s death. Something he needed - but he didn’t know what, couldn’t remember.

“Drinking or leaving?”

A deep voice caused the knight to pause mid-step, he didn’t answer.

“You’re walking with a purpose, knight.”

Taeriix twisted his head to the side only in show that he had heard the other. “Leaving.”

“Good. You should travel finally.”

Taeriix thought to argue with the other but chose rather to not waste his time bantering.  He wasn’t much for wasted words. He started walking again following the threads of something familiar. He wasn’t bothered again; the knight Commander satisfied with his answer. Many knights had left Icecrown after the King they once served, or the one that once enthralled them, had fallen. It depended on which side of the fence you sat as to how well you had readjusted. Taeriix held little memories of his indenture, at least memories in regard to how. He knew who he was, had pieced together memories of things he had been told. A guardian, a golden knight, and…something else. That’s where it stopped, where his memory failed him but there was nothing he could do about that, and he did not shy away from the cool reality of the way things were.

The pull drew him south, far from the icy plains of Northrend. He didn’t know where he was going, just that he was following a whisper on the air, one that lingered against his skin somehow, cool and refreshing, one that hooked into his flesh.

To the southern portion of Eastern Kingdoms and through a giant portal - one he might have recalled tales of spoken by other knights in passing. His hooves carried him into the red wastes of Hellfire. This was an unfamiliar place, in some ways much different than than the North, in others much the same - equally desolate.

It wasn’t until he reached the edge of Terokkar Forest he realized he was in Talador, Draenor, then he must have just walked through the Tanann Jungle.. or what had once been. This was the first time the knight paused in his journey and looked back. The hard red clay that broke and fell away to nothing, to the Nether, he felt like he knew this, like he had been told or warned. He did not linger at this discovery and turned sharpening his step, continuing his pilgrimage, he was close - he could feel it in his bones.

The heavy falls of his hooves approached a wasteland, a place that had not existed in his lifetime. Here, this was it. He paused.  There was nothing here, no one here. His eyes turned to the ruins in the distance across the wastes of bones, something that was not an uncommon sight for the man. The ruins though, that was… Auchindoun



Spirit Guardian.

He staggered where he stood almost losing his footing and falling forward. He pressed a palm to his right eye, his grey eye, fingers laced into his hair between his ear and his crest. Then… flashes of vision in his other eye. A fire, an inn, a garden. He fell to his ass and pressed his left hand to the other side of his head. His top lip rose,  baring fangs at nothing as he steadied himself on the edge of the Bone Wastes. There it was, a sweet smell, faint. The furrow of his brow relaxed.  Blood…sweet and familiar. His gaze lifted from his hands, his head turned and twisted toward the small stonewalled settlement in the distance.

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Hello everyone.

I wanted to present an idea for an OOC event that Moon Guard and connected realms could do. So that’d be Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord, Farstriders, and others (that I can’t recall at the moment, not sure where the list is)

As everyone has probably seen and heard lately, there have been a ton of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges done lately. Both famous people and your average joe are getting involved.

What I’d like to do is do an “Ice Bucket Challenge” event for World of Warcraft, at least those in our servers.

My idea would need A LOT of mages primarily, but other classes can come too. The mages would need to be high enough to do certain spells. I’ll go more in-depth on the idea later.

I’d also be willing to donate one dollar for each person who joins (up to 100, I unfortunately am low on funds at the moment, so I can’t donate much more than that). Anyone else who would like to donate to the ALS charity is more than welcome to. Along with credit to each person who donates and attends/helps.

I’d like to make this big to help further spread awareness. We could record it and place it on Youtube and so on. I know it’s not the same as doing the real thing, but at least it’s something. Better than nothing.

So for a good cause, would anyone be interested in this? Need Mages, but other classes can join in too.

There is no set date yet, but as soon as we get enough interested people, I’d want to try and do it. So maybe within the month or so? We’ll see. Even if we only get a few, I’d still like to do something.





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It felt like hours had passed as she stood there staring at the necklace, shaking her head she blinked a couple of times just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. It felt like she had not blinked in a very long time either.

Really, it was only minutes.

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A small simple wrapped box arrives while Rook is out. Tanned delivery paper, nothing special, with a coarse tied knot holding it together. The note reads. “Ordered as Delivered.”

The package is nearly too much to wait for, to wonder about. Her delicate hands tug and pull at the twine till it pulls free and falls away. He had said a package would be coming and that she could open it, there was no need to wait. The brown paper fell away revealing a plain brown box, she opened it breaking the seal.

Iinside the box white tissue paper circled a soft silk bag, deep green, small, maybe a coin pouch. The fabric bunched at the top the gold cord pulled taunt and sealing the package. Hints of sea green line the inside of the silk bag, it was two different colors, the inside and the outside.

There was a weight in the bag when she lifted it, and dug her finger into the center to wriggle the bag open. 

Necklace on Etsy (I should have sourced in Submission)